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Potassium pyrophosphate (TKPP) Application

1. It is mainly used for cyanide free electroplating instead of sodium cyanide as the complexing agent. To prepare detergent components for clothing materials and additives for various detergents. Used as clay dispersant, pigment and dye dispersant and buffer in ceramic industry. Potassium pyrophosphate is also a good stabilizer of hydrogen peroxide.

2. Potassium pyrophosphate can also be used as complexing agent for alkaline electroless nickel plating and detergent preparation. Pyrophosphate can also be used as a complexing agent for alkaline nickel plating.

3. Used as emulsifier in food industry. It is commonly used with other condensed phosphates to prevent the production of guano stone in canned aquatic products, prevent the discoloration of canned fruits, improve the taste and yield of noodles, prevent the aging of cheese and increase the expansion of ice cream etc.


Post time: Jan-06-2020

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