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Potassium Sulfate

葡萄The role of potassium sulfate

The main nutrients of potassium sulfate are potassium and sulfur. Both potassium and sulfur are the main nutrients required for plant growth and development, and play an important role.

(1) The role of potassium: potassium is an activator of various enzymes in plants, which can promote plant photosynthesis, promote the synthesis of carbohydrates, and promote the synthesis of proteins and other functions. The sugar content is significantly increased, the fruit can be colored well, and the quality of the fruit can be improved. In addition, potassium can also enhance the toughness of the straw, improve the lodging resistance of the crop, and improve the resistance of the crop.

(2) The role of sulfur: sulfur has a variety of functions in plant metabolism, especially in the formation of amino acids and proteins, is an essential element for the synthesis of amino acids, and affects the synthesis of crop proteins, oils, vitamins and glucose Larger. Sulfur can increase the content of nutrients such as protein, vitamin A, glucose, and fructose in fruits, improve the quality of fruits and vegetables, and enhance the ability of crops to resist cold and drought.

Post time: Mar-05-2020

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