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Reasonable application of potassium fertilizer

potassium fertilizerCrops lacking potassium fertilizer will get “chondrosis”, fall easily, and are often troubled by germs and pests. Potassium fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer. Some varieties can also be used as foliar fertilizer, but the effect of basal fertilizer and foliar fertilizer is better.
The use of potassium fertilizer as the base fertilizer can meet the demand for potassium during the whole growth period of crops, and it is particularly important for crops with short growth periods and soils with obvious potassium deficiency. For growing crops such as cotton, a combination of basal and foliar spraying can be used. For sandy soil, a combination of base application and top application can be used. The mobility of potassium in soil is between nitrogen and phosphorus. At present, the available potassium content in the soil is less than 100 mg / kg / mu. When the available potassium content in the soil is more than 150 mg / kg, no or less chemical potassium fertilizer can be used depending on the type of crop. For example, the results of soil tests in our province in the past three years show that the content of available potassium is relatively low, which is due to the emphasis on diammonium phosphate and urea, and the contempt of organic and potassium fertilizers. You can use the money for urea to buy 15-20 kg of urea and 5 kg of potassium fertilizer, increase the use of potassium fertilizer, improve the disease resistance and resistance of crops, and achieve a balanced increase in yield.

Post time: Feb-26-2020

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