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Understand plant nutrition-phosphorus

The phosphorus that plants can use is mainly inorganic phosphorus in the soil, and organic phosphorus must be converted into inorganic phosphorus to be absorbed in large amounts. When the soil pH is between 6.6 and 7.0, the absorption and utilization of phosphorus is the highest, too high or too low will cause phosphorus deficiency.


Crop phosphorus malnutrition symptoms


Phosphorus deficiency will directly affect the formation of nucleoproteins in crops, inhibit cell division and proliferation, and ultimately lead to slow growth or stagnation of crops. The symptoms of phosphorus deficiency in crops can be judged by the purple-red color on stems or leaves.

When the plant is deficient in phosphorus, the plants grow slowly, are short, old, and have thin and upright stems, with fewer branches or tillers, small leaves, dark green or gray-green and dull. The stems and leaves are often purplish red due to the accumulation of anthocyanins. The root system is poorly developed and easy to age. Since phosphorus is easily transported from older tissues to young tissues for reuse, the symptoms begin to spread upward from older leaves. The fruits and seeds of phosphorus-deficient plants are few and small. Maturation delays yield and quality reduction. The appearance of mild phosphorus deficiency is not easy to manifest. The symptoms of different crops are different.



Crops turn green due to excess phosphorus

Phosphorus is a component of cell protoplasts in plants and plays an important role in cell growth and proliferation. Phosphorus is also involved in the photosynthesis of plant life, the utilization of sugar and starch, and the transfer of energy. Phosphorus can also promote the growth of plant roots at seedling stage and make plants mature earlier. When plants bear fruit, a large amount of phosphorus is transferred to the grains, making the grains full.


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