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75% Food grade phosphoric acid PA

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Note: Phosphoric acid vapor can cause atrophy of nasal mucosa, strong corrosive effect on skin, inflammatory disease of skin, and systemic poisoning. If phosphoric acid vapor enters the eye, wash with plenty of normal saline immediately, and then send to the hospital for treatment.

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  • Product name: PA
  • Color: clear
  • Formula weight: 97.994
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    Product name Phosphoric acid
    Other Names Orthophosphoric acid
    Chemical Formula H3PO4
    CAS No 7664-38-2
    Class 8
    Color Colorless transparent liquid



    1,Industry Phosphoric acid for industry Used as metal surface treatment agent; stainless steel, aluminum profile, electronic chemical polishing; organic reaction catalyst; refractory additive; activated carbon treatment agent.


    2,Food Additive Phosphoric acid for food additive It’s widely used as food additive, flavoring agent, sour agent, adjust the pH, clarifier, and nutritional agent etc.

    3,  Phosphate Fertilizer Phosphoric acid for fertilizer Used as phosphate raw material products to make fertilizer 4, As a catalyst for the addition of olefins and water to make alcohols. As the electrolyte of copper electropolishing. As flux Etc…



    Phosphoric Acid 75%

    Items Specifications: Test Results Unit
    Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) 75.00-76.00 75.15 %
    Arsenic (as As) 0.5 max 0.32 mg/kg
    Fluoride (F) 10 max 4.5 mg/kg
    Cadmium(Cd) 1 max 0.1 mg/kg
    Lead (Pb) 2 max 0.1 mg/kg
    APHA Color 20 max 13 APHA
    Reductive matter as H3PO3 0.012 0.0072 %
    Heavy metals (as Pb) 5 max 3.1 mg/kg

                                                                             35kg drum                                 

    35kg drum                        









    330 kg drums 330kg drum                    










    IBC drum          


    1600/1650 kg IBC     








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