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Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate

Short Description:

Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate, also known as monopotassium phosphate,

Chemical formula is KH2PO4,

Formula weight is 136.09

CAS No. 7778-77-0

It is used as a high-efficiency phosphorus-potassium compound fertilizer in agriculture; potassium dihydrogen phosphate product is widely used in almost all types of crops such as various types of cash crops, food, fruits, vegetables, etc. It has many excellent effects such as significantly increasing yield, increasing yield, optimizing quality, lodging resistance, resisting pests and diseases, preventing premature aging, etc., and has the effect of overcoming the nutritional deficiencies caused by the decline of root aging absorption ability in the late stage of crop growth.

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    Product name Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate
    Other name MKP
    Chemical Formula KH2PO4
    State Powder
    CAS No 7778-77-0
    Color White


    Industry: raw material to manufacture potassium hexametaphosphate and other sylvites, culture of brewing yeast, enhancer, leavening agents and fermentation promoter, etc. In Fermentation industry, it is used as bacterial cultures, buffer regulator or Nutrient agent.

    Agriculture: As a high efficient compound fertilizer of phosphorus, it is a potash fertilizer without chlorine. It provides both phosphorus and potassium suitable for all kinds of soil and cash crops, such as foodstuff, fruits, vegetables and so on. It is widely used in modern drop irrigation ad spray irrigation.

    Food additives: It can be used as quality improver, fermentation accelerator, flavoring agent and buffer agent.

    Feed additives: It can be used to supplement as an additive for mineral elements like phosphorus and potassium


    Items Specifications: Test Results Unit
    Content of KH2PO4 98 min 98.9 %
    K2O 33.5 min 34 %
    P2O5 51.5 min 52.1 %
    H2O 1 max 0.5 %
    Cl 0.2 max 0.05 %
    Fe 0.008 max 0.003 %
    As 0.015 max 0.005 %
    Water insoluble 0.2 max 0.1 %
    Heavy metals (as pb) 0.008 max 0.005 %


    肥料 36肥料 37


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