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Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate

Short Description:

Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate, also known as monoammonium phosphate, white crystal.

Chemical formula is NH4H2PO4

Formula weight is 115.03

CAS No. 7722-76-1

As a fertilizer, it is most suitable to apply ammonium phosphate during crop growth. Ammonium phosphate is acidic in the soil, and it may have adverse effects if it is too close to the seed. In acid soil, it is better than ordinary calcium and ammonium sulfate, and in alkaline soil. It is superior to other fertilizers; it should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers to avoid reducing fertilizer efficiency. For example, when lime is used in the southern acidic soil, monoammonium phosphate should be applied after a few days.

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    Product name Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate
    Other name Monoammonium phosphate,MAP
    Chemical Formula (NH4)2·HPO4
    State Crystal
    CAS No 7722-76-1
    Color White


    It is mainly used as a fire retardant for fertilizers and wood, paper and fabrics, as well as in pharmaceuticals and feed additives for ruminants


    Items Specifications: Test Results Unit
    Content as ((NH4)2HOP) 98 min 98.2 %
    P2O5 52.5 min 52.8 %
    N 20.5 min 20.8 %
    H2O 0.5 max 0.4 %
    As 0.0003 max 0.0003 %
    F 0.01 max 0.001 %
    Water insoluble 0.2 max 0.1 %
    Heavy metals (as pb) 0.001 max 0.0001 %

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